What's up!

I'm Sean Yager, a.k.a Shinbone, a.k.a Misuse of Mana, By day I code, create, and maintain a smattering of websites for my clients. By night I summon creatures, camaraderie, and conflicts to enrich my growing storytelling universe, the realm of Amara.

I grew up in the cornfields of Indiana swinging tree branch swords and imagining backyard adventures. I went to college at IUPUI and Herron School of Art for several years before deciding that student debt was going to be a big burden. I took a hard pivot to learn Web Development via Austin Coding Academy and now I work as a freelancer in art and web design to offset my bills. I'm looking for more permenant work though so if you need a consultant, or an artist, or a website remodel please reach out!

If you're interested in finding out more about my projects, I'm all over the place on social media just look me up!